Our Mission and Goals

Basketball coaches from all top levels agree that young players nowadays lack solid fundamentals, their game is not cerebral enough, and most importantly they miss the communication skills which happen to be the number one quality of true leaders on and off the court.

Whether playing for a SLAM CAMP Basketball Team or attending a SLAM CAMP Basketball Camp session, dedicated players of all positions will be taught how to play smart basketball, to think like coaches on the floor, and to become leaders in games, practices and everyday life.

SLAM CAMP’s General Goals:

HAVE FUN: Basketball is a great game. If you attend our camp, we want you to enjoy being around basketball and create positive memories than can last a lifetime.

BE SAFE: Creating a safe environment whether in the gym, in the weight room or outdoor on the field, remains among our top priorities. Proper supervision of campers will be maintained at all times.

TEACH FUNDEMENTALS: Starting with shooting, dribbling, passing, footwork, rebouOur Mission and Goalsnding, defense and then carrying over into the various offensive layouts and matchups, our coaches’ guidance and instructions will surely help you improve.

Why is the SLAM’s Basketball Camp different from the traditional basketball camps?

Educational Approach - We believe that good coaches are educators beforehand. Through the use of videos, handouts, overheads and daily quizzes, each player will learn the mental and physical aspects of the different positions on the floor.

Fun and Challenging Drills - Champlain College’s double gym will be used to teach and practice a variety of drills in the half court and full court setting. Daily activity will include numerous passing and transition drills to enhance player action and reaction to particular situations.

Situation Analysis - Players will be taught the essentials for attacking a variety of defenses, full and half court, late game strategies, the keys of fast-break offense, the transition game and much more. All that can help enhance campers’ performance in preparation of their next season.

Leadership and Motivation Analysis - On court assignments will include discussions and presentations on the strategies of motivation and qualities of leadership.

An Active and Experienced Staff - All of the staff members are currently coaching and instructing at either public or private educational institutions and /or playing the game.

Daily Competitive Contests - One on One play, Shooting, Speed Dribble & Handles, All-around challenges...

Safety first - A Certified Trainer will be present at all times to provide immediate evaluation and treatment of any sports injuries related to SLAM’s Basketball Camp.

What every player will get at SLAM CAMP’s Basketball Camp? Complete Basketball Development!

Productive court time workouts: All gym sessions are intense and purposeful. Drills are creative and challenging and games are always competitive.

Complete players are team leaders beforehand: Communication skills will be emphasized throughout the camp, helping the players become positive and more effective leaders both on and off the court.

"Listening with your eyes and ears": Players will learn to focus by listening attentively during the instructions. They will also be encouraged to participate in the discussions by asking questions and giving answers. All processed information will then be displayed through effective play on the floor.

Positive Learning Environment: Highly motivated group of coaches + healthy teaching methods = abundance of positive learning opportunities. In such positive environment, players can only grow, develop and improve as student-athletes, leaders and citizens.

More specifically, what will you learn during the Co-Ed camp sessions?

  • Owning your space, being strong with the ball
  • Developing better body control, footwork and balance
  • Developing hand-eye coordination and quickness
  • Understanding timing and spacing on the floor
  • Finishing strong at the rim
  • Speaking to your teammates with confidence and poise
  • Developing the will to attack the open space
  • Dealing with mistakes with composure

And how about if you are playing for the Girls’ SLAM CAMP Summer Teams?

Apart from the traditional learning and improvement through repetition of classic drills and movements, we will emphasize on the importance of:

  • Practicing efficiently and hard for maximum improvement
  • Increasing quickness, strength and confidence throughout the various challenging drills (ball-handling, rebounding, passing, SAQ, Defense)
  • Proper selection and mechanics of shooting. Getting your shot off against all types of defenders
  • Playing smart defense. Forcing turnovers without fouling, taking a charge: being a disruptive force on the defensive end of the floor
  • Preventing costly turnovers by making better decisions on offense and handling pressure with poise
  • Controlling the tempo, when to go fast and when to slow down
  • Leading your team in practices and games.  Making the players around you better.
  • Mastering the intangibles. How to put your coach at ease when the ball is in your hands


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IT'S A WRAP! THE 2021 SLAM CAMP GIRLS FALL SHOWDOWN ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2021 edition of the SLAM CAMP GIRLS FALL SHOWDOWN was in many ways a team effort and success! Crowned mainly by the participation of the best 24 pre-university programs in Eastern Canada! A total of 36 games over 1.5 days during which the young women gave all they had in them! According to the 60 university recruiters present on site, the concentration of talent and the level of play and competition was worthy of the biggest school events in North America! We've done it again! Thanks everyone for your trust and see you very soon!
SLAM CAMP GIRLS FALL SHOWDOWN 2021 It is on! Eastern Canada's top talent UNDER 1 ROOF! Sept 24-25
This past weekend, many young ladies from the SLAM summer teams answered the call to present at the S/É and Concentrations Coaching Clinic at Édouard-Montpetit (Sept 11). Throughout this one day event, the young ladies ran the drills and the systems that the guest speakers were presenting. But the highlight of their day was to meet Coach and International Referee Maripier Malo who had very nice things to say to the girls about always dreaming big and making it happen! Great job girls
NCAA sanctioned events in Orlando - July 20-25, 2021 Orlando Splash National Championship
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Joy Tobias former Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Joy will be entering her first year at Concordia University! • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to the Co-founders of Slam Camp Michel Mettelus and Georges Germanos for running an amazing and successful program! Your work is seen and truly appreciated. Go Slam! • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Jenn Mathurin, former Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Jenn recently received her Master’s degree in Social Work from NC State University. • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Chloé Oliver current Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Chloé is entering her first year at Champlain College. • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Nadine Katumbayi, former Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Nadine will be playing at Ottawa University this following season. • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Fatima Diop current Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Fatima will be entering her second year at Champlain College. • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Misenga Muteba former Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Misenga will be attending and playing basketball at Concordia University next year! • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Special thanks to Camp counsellor Kenya Coté-Lysius, current Champlain Cavaliers player for coaching the little ballers this summer. Kenya will be attending and playing basketball at LaSalle University in Fall 2021! • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Aaannndddd it’s a wrap! 📸 We can’t believe it’s already the last week of camp! Thank you to all the campers. You guys were a great! • • • • • • • • #summercamp #basketball #slamcamp #fun #summerbasketball #kids #athletesinthemaking
Dunk Contest!!!! Here are videos of some of the participants! We’ve got serious athletes!!!! 😤 💪🏾
Week 7 and the campers are having a lot of fun! • • • • • • #basketball #summercamp #fun #girls #elite#elitebasketball #champlaincollege #canadabasketball
Its on! Montérégie will be 3x3 ballin' on August 22-23! For more info, visit: www.slamcamp.ca
Summer Camp Session #week6 :)))
A good morning stretch before the start of a great day! TGIF
It’s week 5 and squad is looking stronger than ever!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 • • • • • • #basketball #summercamp #fun #girls #elite #elitebasketball #champlaincollege #canadabasketball🇨🇦
Week 4...kids are getting faster, stronger and more confident. WE LOVE TO SEE IT. • • • • • #basketball #summercamp #fun #girls #boys #champlaincollege
Skill development with our U14-16 athletes #slamcamp #basketball #wewin #hardtoguard #ballhandling #summerworkoutsmel
Slam Camp, Watch ME Work💯 • • • • • • Thanks to @hoopsontherise for this amazing video. #basketball #skills #skillsdevelopment #summer #saintlambert #champlaincollege #hardwork #fun #discovery
Week 3: Social distances does not mean we are not together. One benefit of summer camps is that each day we are having fun, improving our skills and enjoying time together. #basketballcamps #summer #basketball #funtimes #socialdistancing
Week 2: Still keeping the kids active. #Basketball #indoorsessions
Week 1: First Indoor Sessions. #basketballtraining #funtimewithkids #summercamps2020


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