SLAM CAMP in collaboration with Collège Charles Lemoyne is proud to present its first long-awaited 3x3 event:  SLAM CAMP 3x3 SUMMER CHALLENGE 2020

Our main objective is to get the Montérégie together for the first time this summer and play basketball in a safe environment!
We've extended our invitation to the region's Elementary Schools, High Schools, Concentration Programs, Sport-Études Programs, Clubs, Associations and Cegeps - All from the Montérégie Region. 


  • The final schedule and gym reservation are both scheduled for Wednesday August 19. Please understand that we need to prepare in advance for this event to be successful and aligned with all government and Public health authorities.


  • Saturday August 22 & Sunday August 23 (if needed)


  • Collège Charles-Lemoyne (910 Boulevard Taschereau, Longueuil, QC J4K 2X3) 
    • Courts: 1-2-3-4-5-6



  • Minimum 4 teams per age group – Maximum 16 (if less than 4 teams register, then teams will be asked to play up 1 category)
  • Maximum 4 players per team.
  • Age categories for both Girls and Boys:
    • 10U (born 2010 +)
    • 12U (born 2008 +)
    • 14U (born 2006 +)
    • 16U (born 2004 +)
    • 18U (born 2002 +)
    • OPEN Recreational
    • OPEN Competitive


  • All 4 athletes must be residents of the Montérégie region.
  • Mixed teams will only be accepted in the 10U as well as in the OPEN (recreational) category.
  • Every team will play 4 games. The two teams with the best record will play in the Finals. (see below: tiebreaker)
  • In the 10U, 12U and 14U categories: It is highly recommended that each player plays minimum 5 minutes per game.
  • Same team members must wear same color jersey / t-shirt / uniform.
  • Each team brings its own basketballs for the 3-minute warmup.
  • The game ball is supplied by the organizer. It will be sanitized after every game.
  • There are no referees on the court: Offense makes the call. There will be however floor managers if an intervention is needed. Sportsmanship rules!


10U Yes 8.5' #5 #5
12U Yes 10' #6 #6
14U Yes 10' #6 #6
16U and above N/A 10' #6 #7



  • Game length: 1 x 10 minutes (running time)
  • Winner = First team to 21 points or team with highest score at the end of regulation.
  • If overtime = first team to score 2 points wins the game.
  • 1st possession is decided by a coin toss.
  • After a made basket, defense possession: quick “check ball” behind the 3pt line.
  • After a defensive rebound or steal, ball must clear the 3pt line!
  • 3pt shot = 2 points, everything else = 1 point.
  • There are no free throws.
  • When a foul is called, possession + check ball. As of the 6th team foul, the opposing team receives 1 point for team fouls 6-7-8. As of the 9th team foul, the opposing team receives 2 points + the ball.
  • For all violations, “check ball” behind the 3pt line.
  • Following a Jump ball situation = Defense possession.
  • Substitutions take place only prior to a “check ball” (for both teams, regardless of who has possession).
  • Timeout: each team gets 1 x 30 seconds timeout per game, during which the clock stops.



  • No handshake before, during and after the game. Not allowed to help a player off the floor.
  • No screens allowed
  • No hand-to-hand ball exchange allowed (Hand-Off)
  • On each offensive possession each player must touch the ball at least once (Categories 10U, 12U, 14U)
  • No more than 2 seconds of continuous contact
  • Back-to-basket play / action prohibited
  • NBA defensive 3 seconds rule applicable (the defender in help cannot stay in the key for more than 3 seconds)



  1. Total Wins (Higher value is better)
  2. Points For / Points Against ratio of the 4 games played (A higher value is better)
  3. Total Points Against (A smaller value is better)



  • Unfortunately, we will not allow any parents / fans into the building. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these harsh measures. However, it is the best way for us to control the environment and make sure that our staff is solely focused on servicing the participants and running a successful event.



  1. Screening protocol upon entering the building that includes answering a questionnaire (self-declaration form) + taking the temperature using an infrared thermometer (if needed)
  2. Staffers to wear personal protective equipment: face masks and if needed visors.
  3. Hand washing is imposed at the entrance and exit of the gym throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is made available to all in the gym area and at the different entry and exit points.
  4. A professional cleaning crew comes in to sanitize the entire training area: gym floors are cleaned with an industrial floor scrubber while the protective wall padding, team benches, basketballs, door handles and other highly used surfaces are hand wiped clean and sanitized. Washrooms are cleaned at a higher frequency throughout the day.
  5. Floor managers will be assigned to every gym to answer all questions and overlook the course of the event as well as organize the flow of entrance and exit of all participants throughout the day.
  6. All participants MUST SIGN the “Risk Recognition” document provided.



  1. As per Government and Public Health Authorities and from July 18 onward: Everyone aged 12+ years HAVE to wear a mask inside the building's hallways and common areas. They will only be allowed to take it off when playing basketball inside the gymnasium. It is not mandatory for children under 12 but highly recommended as well.
  2. Players are to arrive dressed and ready to play.
  3. Only light gear will be allowed: Backpacks or small sports’ bags, identified water bottles, towels, etc.
  4. ONLY the 4 members of the team will be allowed inside the building.
  5. For the categories 10U, 12U and 14U a coach or team manager (adult, 18+) MUST be present on the bench.



  • $100 / team (4 games for all participating teams. 5th game for the Finalists)



Credit Card

  • Payment directly on the site
  • There will be a 2% transaction fee added to the amount of your bill if you choose this option.

Interac e-Transfer

  • Fast, secure and convenient funds transfer service – No fee added if you choose this option
  • Please send your Interac e-Transfer to:
  • Please create the password: Basketball





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